My Favorite Book About Soap Making

Ready to learn how to make soap?

A great way to start is with a good book.

I've read many and here's the one that I think is the best to start off with. Here's why...

The Everything Soapmaking Book

When you first get started with soap making it all seems so confusing and complicated... maybe even a little dangerous.

But this great book will get you over the hump in no time!

Throughout the pages of The Everything Soapmaking Book author Alicia Grosso takes you on a journey to soap making success. It all starts with the natural roots of soap making, and how people created their own soap in the beginning.

But soon you'll be learning about the latest techniques and how to turn you soap into works of art... or even a new income stream.

All of the equipment needed to make soap safely is covered in detail. From proper by-weight measuring techniques to helpful hints about finding tools for the job, equipment requirements are given careful consideration in these chapters. You will learn about working with lye, making liquid soaps, and using fragrance oils and colors in your soap making techniques.

With over 37 pages of recipes for cold process, hot process, and liquid soaps, you will be well on your way to having a delightful variety of scents filling your home every time you pause to wash your hands!

You will even learn how to sculpt and cast soaps into the perfect shapes every time — you'll be creating works of soapy art.

With concluding lessons on essential oils, herbs, milling and organic projects, you can take your soap making skills to an entirely new level within the pages of this acclaimed 297 page book.

Testimonials About The Book

Want some other opinions? Here's some testimonials straight from Amazon...

"I always thought soap making was very complicated, but the author has some very simple recipes that have you making soap in no time at all! I've made one batch and I love it! I like having control over knowing what is going into my soap. Thank you for writing this book"

"I love this book. It doesn't have much in the way of pictures but it does have a wealth of information on everything you need to know to make soap, and anyway you can get all the pictures you want on You Tube and Pinterest. I am so glad to have this book"

"I love this book! It is the perfect combination of step-by-step instructions and tips that could only come from years of experience. The author gives many specific recipes, and also explains the how and why in-depth -- I like that she assumes that the reader is both curious and intelligent. She also provides a lot of information for after the soap has cured: there are chapters on packaging, presentation, selling, and marketing. These chapters will be helpful for any craftsperson interested in bringing their product to a professional level. Thanks for a great book"

Ready To Take A Look?

Click on this link to learn more about this great book. I highly recommend it as a great way to get started and be making your own soap in no time.