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Homemade bath products can be simple to make and you can tailor your own recipes to fit what you like and your skin type without the fainting feeling at the cash register (the cost of some of these products is outrageous…)

Making your own homemade milk bath or bath salt recipe is a way to nurture our body and spirit.

The bath ritual is about the luxury of time to relax, be surrounded by warmth.

Adding your own bath products adds to the experience and we are really worth it!

You have the power to decide:

  • what will go into your bath and consequently on your skin.
  • the scent that you wish to have wafting during your “ME TIME”.
  • to give some away to spread the joy (or not…)

I confess that I am a bath person, not a shower person, so making my own bath bombs recipes and bubble bath at home is right up my alley.

Store-bought items are often drying; contain who knows what and many are expensive.

I hope to provide some homemade bath products recipes on this site that you can make for yourself and gift to others to enjoy.

Many bath recipes require common ingredients that you will be able in your kitchen, supermarket or bulk supply store. Certain ingredients you will need to get from a soap making supplier.

Remember that fragrance oils are perfume; if you are sensitive you might need to consider only using only essential oils which can be pricier. Essential oils are said to have physical and emotional therapeutic properties which you can consider when formulating your bath recipes.

Read here about the benefits of Epsom salt, sea salt and Himalayan salt.

Hopefully you will find your perfect bubbles, fizzies and softies in these recipes. We just started this site, so visit often and sign up for our newsletter.

Please do contact us with your personal homemade bath recipes that we can add to our collection to share.

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