soap making at home connection

The soap making at home connection is about discovering, sharing, tapping into and paying forward.

Everyone begins a hobby or develops skills one step at a time. I don’t think anyone is born a soap maker…We developed this website for soap and bath product makers who want a simple process to enjoy.

The soap making at home connection is all about inspiration, know-how and brave moments of
giving it a try.

The internet is such a great place to get to find the instructions. We are grateful that soap and bath artisans and crafters have contributed their ideas and information. We know that you will find helpful and useful information and some sparks to ignite your imagination.

You will get to meet some soap makers and bath products crafters and producers.

This collection of soap recipes is brought to you by handmade soap makers from different backgrounds who are giving advice about techniques and ingredients that you can use in your own craft.

You will meet soap makers who are having fun with creating and crafting products for family, friends and clients. They will suggest recipes and some lessons that they have learned.

Homemade bath products seem to slip into many soap makers artistry and the soap making connection is no different. We will highlight the wonderful and creative recipes for creating bath and spa recipes.

Let’s meet Mariève. This young woman is in her last year of University. She will be molding young minds as a teacher very soon. She loves to create and appreciate beauty. She has crafted beautiful gifts for family and friends. She will share her bath salt recipe with us.

Here is a homemade salve recipe made from plantains that you find on your front lawn. This natural salve recipe is from Diane, who has a wealth of knowledge and gives freely. She shares information and intuitively responds to others questions and concerns. She truly cares about helping others feel better and be healthy. If you want to know about essential oils, she is the go-to person.

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