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soap making molds

There's an amazing choice of soap making molds. Finding and using different mold is all part of the fun of making your own soap.

Choosing the molds that are right for you will depend on:

  • your tastes - what you want you soap to look like.
  • your project - the size of your soap batches.
  • your financial investment - how much you are willing to pay for a certain mold.

Here is a picture of my daughter holding the wooden soap making mold that my father-in-law built for me.

Wooden Soap Molds

Another method is to use a wooden soap mold which creates an oversized bar of soap known as a soap loaf. Once the soap mixture has set in the mold then you have to cut the 'loaf' into smaller pieces using a soap cutter. Of course, you could make your own wooden soap mold if you have all the right carpentry equipment or you can buy a ready-made one that's been specifically designed for making soap in which is the easier way of doing it. One thing you have to remember when using a wooden mold is to let your soap cure well before attempting to cut it into pieces. It normally takes anything from 24 to 36 hours before the soap is ready to be taken out of the mold and then you need to let it cure some more by placing it on a rack. This allows air to circulate around it.

Make Your Own Soap Making Mold

It's great fun to make your own soap molds. You can really get creative and make very unique ones. You can really think out of the box and come up with fantastic designs.

The only thing you have to think about is that your mold will have to withstand the caustic properties contained in lye and uncured soap.

You can use milk or juice cartons, clam shells, PVC piping, old jelly molds or anything else you have lying around your home. As long as the container you use can stand up to the caustic effects of your soap mixture then it will great to use as very unique soap making molds that really are your own designs.

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