Why make soap?

Luxury for less

When you learn how to make soap at home it does offer a number of advantages and one of the biggest is that it is a lot cheaper to make it in your kitchen rather than purchasing it from a shop.

The soap is made using ingredients that you want and you know what is going into to your product. You are not paying for the packaging and marketing of expensive brands.

These savings can go towards having these soaps every day instead of only given to you on special occasions. Life is too short to go without…

Endless possibilities

You can tap into your creativity and indulge your senses. Soap recipes and formulations can be tailored to your tastes and preferences. When making your soap it is possible to add a wide range of fragrances, essential oils, colors, flowers and dried and fresh herbs.

Soap making gives you the chance to mold and shape your soap for what works for you it and this can include the traditional rounds or blocks. Making soap at home can really bring out the persons creative side, as they can be as daring or as brave as they want when making and shaping the soap creations.

Starting off simple is a good idea then let your imagination go wild! Exotic scents, creamy oils, vibrant colors are all possibilities. Although, sometimes I am in the mood just for a nice simple bar of soap…

Made like you want

Many people have specific skin needs and that is what brings them to finding out how to make soap. Making soap at home allows you to tailor your recipes to reduce the harsh chemicals that can be found in soap.

Many add soothing herbs, therapeutic essential oils to reduce acne and skins conditions. You can make soap that wakes you up or calms you down or both.

Great gifts

Most soap makers do not stay in the closet for long. You will experiment, refine and build your “own” repertoire and as confidence builds so does sharing these wonderful homemade items.

When choosing your soap recipes consider that some soap recipes have a cure time that you need to plan your soap gift giving but there are some melt and pour projects that can be done in less than an hour and even getting the kids to help out makes for a great family tradition.

Extra income – Home business

Many budding soap makers are encouraged by their families and friends to sell their soaps and even share their knowledge by giving classes on how to make soap. Making money doing something you love is absolutely wonderful.

There is a growing market for handmade and artisan soaps and cosmetics may be your hobby will you lead you to some extra money.